Lost your door opener? Need to measure your door opening for a new garage door? PS Garage Doors can help! If you don't see your question here, give us a call, and we'll be happy to assist!
Garage door

How to measure your new garage door?

If you're considering a new garage door, it's important to measure your door opening to determine any special requirements before you shop. Click the link for measuring instructions.

Door lubrication

What should I use to lubricate my door?

To maintain your warranty, lubricate your garage door at least once a year with Raynor door lube. This specially formulated lubricant can be purchased from PS Garage Doors. Apply the door lube to each of the following areas of the door: hinges, rollers (bearings and shafts), springs and end bearings (located at each end of the spring shaft). Once the application is completed, open and close the door to distribute the lubricant.

Garage door

How should I clean my door?

With proper care and maintenance, your garage door will perform reliably for years to come. Cleaning recommendations can be found by clicking the question above.

Garage door

My door seems unbalanced; what should I do?

We recommend checking the balance of your door once a year. To do this, close the door and then pull the red disconnect rope on your garage door opener. After pulling the disconnect rope the door should stay on or close to the floor. Next, raise the door about halfway open, the door should stay at that position. And finally, raise the door all the way to the open position, where the door should remain open. If your door fails any of these tests, please contact PS Garage Doors for an adjustment.

Remote Opener

I've lost the remote to my opener? How can I get a new one?

To order a replacement remote control, please contact PS Garage Doors.
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